Enjoy Fig Pep:
The All Natural Way To A Healthy Diet



Fig Pep is a unique product produced solely from the fruit of the fig tree.
It's an all natural syrup that has been a favorite of health food fans for over fifty years. The beneficial effects of Fig Pep are numerous.
   1. As a sports drink when diluted with water it has been rated as number 1 in the field. This is because of its natural blend of simple sugars (glucose and fructose); its high content of glucose polymers providing a source of sustained energy to replace the body's glycogen supply; naturally occurring electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium; and essential nutrients like zinc and iron.
   2. As an aid to your digestive system Fig Pep is considered one of the best all natural products available. Due to its high ash contents it is one of the best food products for your body to help
maintain an alkaline balance.
   3. Fig Pep is recommended for nursing mothers or can be mixed directly into baby formula. It is especially desirable for growing children who need a continuous supply of good, energy building food.
   4. Because of its mild laxative power it is ideal for constipated infants as well as anyone seeking a natural relief for constipation.
   5. Fig Pep is low in sodium.

The DELICIOUS taste of Fig Pep makes it a great choice to be used wherever a natural sweetener is desired.
Add its thick rich taste to milk or protein drinks and create a delicious Fig shake. A spoonful in coffee or tea will enhance the flavor and alkalize the acidic content.
On ice cream or yogurt it's a delicious natural topping. Add it to hot water with lemon and give yourself a lift without caffeine.

We are currently out of stock of our FigPep product but we plan to have a new fresh supply available sometime in Spring 2020. Thank you for your patience to all our loyal customers.

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